Son-Rise Church support missions both locally and abroad to advance the Kingdom of God.


Son-Rise has been doing missionary work in Ghana since 2003 helping to build an orphanage, a church community and a well for drinking water. We support two Son-Rise Pastors – Pastor Reuben (in Krokoschwe) and Rev Samuel Omari (in Anya) under the overarching leadership of Reverend Osmond Owusei.


We have links with Pastor Francis who is based in the delta region of Nigeria. We have given gifts to advance his work in providing medical aid to the villagers as well as providing spiritual and other assistance. He has visited Son-Rise church to preach, bringing a Word from God to us.


We also support the Humphreys family’s missionary work in Guatemala. They were originally from Gosport -Hampshire who moved to Guatemala in 2005 to help the indigenous population.

We believe charity starts at home – we have helped families both within and outside the church in many different ways: caring, having a listening ear, showing love in a non-judgmental way and through practical helps.

Helps through Prayer:

Since we have made records of the prayer requests: we have documented many prayers answered both of people within and outside the church. Several have been healed of serious cancer, back ache etc and some have received employment and so on. This is the power of prayer of people who have a real and intimate relationship with God developed over time.

We are ordinary people with an extraordinary God. We have a loving, Holy and Powerful God who listens, who cares and who is interested in everything about us and our concerns. He cares for everyone who chooses to believe in Him – Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour,