The Beginning

Reverend Mary was called by God to be an Evangelist and Pastor.

Son Rise Church began in 1997 as a result of God’s calling to Reverend Mary Lissamer to establish a church with twelve people, in Abshot Community Centre, Hampshire. It has grown into a nucleus of believers who love and care for people. The church is an oasis for healing for hurting people who come for a season for restoration in their lives.

Mary has been in the ministry for many years, pioneering a ladies monthly meeting in 1993, in Warsash, Hampshire UK, called ‘Ladies Praise’ –preaching the Word of God and praying for the emotional and physical healing of women from all backgrounds and churches.

Over 470 women came to know the LORD Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Three local women who were unable to conceive for years bore children after they came to the meeting for prayer. God healed many other chronic medical conditions and answered prayer requests for practical, emotional and financial needs.

From Ladies Praise, Son Rise Christian Ministries evolved as Mary was called to preach the Word of God in different churches. Son Rise Christian Ministries obtained their charitable status in 1998 after the church was established with the vision to help the community.

Son Rise Churches

The LORD spoke to Mary to start more churches and this unexpectedly occurred in Ghana. In 1998 Son Rise church joined International Gospel Outreach (IGO) and the connection with Reverend Osmond Osei Owusu of Ghana was made with a request to help build the orphanage, the church agreed to help and it was achieved.

Annual missionary work to Ghana followed from 2004-17 with Mary leading a team of women from the church to bring the Word of God to the Ghanians and the Lord confirmed His Word with physical, emotional and spiritual healings. From these visits, two Son Rise churches in Ghana were established, one in Krokoschwe headed by Pastor Reuben Ashi and the second in Anya, led by Reverend Samuel Omari both of whom are supported by our charitable work.

Helping the community had expanded overseas and in 2007, it was to Nigeria. Son Rise forged links with Reverend Francis Waive (Senior Pastor of The Church of the Anointing) who works in the unstable Delta regions of Nigeria. Supports include purchasing mosquito repellent nets to reduce the spread of malaria and giving financial aid to help with health and social needs.

The church continues to support the pastors in Ghana and Nigeria through its charitable work providing practical needs for their people such as feeding children in the villages, through to financial aid for medical and disaster emergencies etc.