The Downhill Flow ()

Pastor Mary, 21 July 2019

1Sam 2:27-29
1Sam 3:1-13
Have you ever lived in a house that has been flooded? It's devastating. Water always flows downhill.
Downhill flow for God's people spells "disaster'.

Eli failed to be humble in God's eyes and failed as parent. He had public recognition and respect acting as judge and priest but it did not extend to his home life.
The two sons had disgraced their high calling.

Eli failed to be the person that God could use. He had brought disgrace and disaster.
Don't promise God if have any intention to do what you promise Him.

How open are you in your relationship with family, friends? Sharing openly with God increases intimacy with others.
When we're faithful with small things, we will receive greater - if we are faithful.
There are two ways we can be useful to God:
1. be the person who talks with Him.
2. be the person who walks with Him, full of knowledge with a heart for the Lord.


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