Commitment ()

Pastor MaryPastor Mary, 19 January 2020

2Tim 4:9-18; Gen 32:22-31.
Paul demanded 100% commitment from himself and others and was angry with Mark for taking a break.
Paul was alone and probably lonely, no one was at his trial to speak for his defence. Demas had left the faith because he loved the world, its pleasures and values, hurting people and neglected the work God gave him.

Luke 12:1-3 Jesus had warned his disciples against hypocrisy. Hypocrisy - trying to appear good/godly when your heart is far from God. Selfishness can act like a yeast that grows and what is hidden will be exposed for what they really are. Even the disciples were deceived in hypocrisy at one point.
We need to be real. God will not put up with hypocrisy. He understands our weakness and chastises us. When people disappoint Him, He doesn't retaliate in anger and distance Himself.
Listen on to see how we can be more committed, be realistic, more open and honest to ourselves and others.


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